Up-sell your clients with Invoicing without being a Sales person

This invoice can be used by many local business verticals especially like car detailers, mobile mechanics, plumbers and movers


Above is an invoice, “Reel Big Dreams” a videography service provider, uses to invoice their clients. Since Oz the owner, hates selling and doesn’t want to sound like a sales person to his clients, he persuades them with this invoice template

After services rendered, Oz would checked marked the box of the service he delivered and the add the amount total amount under the “Total” column. He would then hand the invoice to the client, the client would then see other product options he was missing out on, if interested, the client would inquire about other service options Reel Big Dream offered.

The invoice displays the name of the product, a brief product description and price. Its perfect for a guy like oz, who hates selling.