Up-sell your clients with Invoicing without being a Sales person

This invoice can be used by many local business verticals especially like car detailers, mobile mechanics, plumbers and movers


Above is an invoice, “Reel Big Dreams” a videography service provider, uses to invoice their clients. Since Oz the owner, hates selling and doesn’t want to sound like a sales person to his clients, he persuades them with this invoice template

After services rendered, Oz would checked marked the box of the service he delivered and the add the amount total amount under the “Total” column. He would then hand the invoice to the client, the client would then see other product options he was missing out on, if interested, the client would inquire about other service options Reel Big Dream offered.

The invoice displays the name of the product, a brief product description and price. Its perfect for a guy like oz, who hates selling.

Top Reasons Why Doing a Video Ad is the Best Option for a Local Business Owner

  A little known fact of internet marketing …

Fifty-percent or so of the people who decide to review product videos tell researchers that it help inform them and make better more informed purchases.

64 percent of those who watch our videos make better purchase candidates than those who do not watch the videos.

If you are planning to upgrade your website, a video is one good way to proceed.   The addition of a video to your site and to your social media will help convert new customers and generate more sales.  It will build the circle of trust and increase prospect conversions.  If planned and executed well, video sales approaches can be a very cost effective selling solution.  Don’t let your competition beat you to it.  Add online video product and service demonstrations to your marketing strategies.  Reach out to us today and we’ll send you an example of how your business can engage and convert more prospects to satisfied customers today!

Google provides better rankings in the searches if you have richer media content and video is one of those factors.  YouTube is the next largest search engine.  You need to be on it to increase your web visitors and time on the site.  It’s obvious that video enhances the user experience, retains site visitors longer, improves contact conversion, and sales  In the long run Video is the cost effective solution.

What makes a great local marketing video?

  • A Good Story
  • Connection to the community
  • Customer Service Engagement
  • Call to ActionWhile YouTube is a specialized search utility, people use it to find information on specific products and services as video is more easily digested and provides a more content rich message.  Videos are fast becoming the method of choice for savvy consumers on the internet.

    Here’s how video helps:

    Improves customer and business relationships.  This is an often neglected aspect of customer retention and ongoing sales

    A video can both establish and deepen the relationship with a customer or bring in a new customer as the cultural familiarity with the business is improved by a video presentation of the company’s personality.  Video grabs attention much better than a paragraph of text. Let us shoot your next local video.


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